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Q2 2024 Portfolio Commentary

Q1 2024 Portfolio Commentary

AAM Announces Partnership With Brentview Investment Management

Q4 2023 Portfolio Commentary

Q3 2023 Portfolio Commentary

Q2 2023 Portfolio Commentary

Q1 2023 Portfolio Commentary

Why Dividend Growth? Part 2

Why Dividend Growth? Part 1

Q4 2022 Portfolio Commentary

Why Rules-Based Portfolios Limit Investment Choices

Q3 2022 Portfolio Commentary

Q2 2022 Portfolio Commentary

Dividend Growth in an Inflationary Age

Q1 2022 Portfolio Commentary

Ukraine and Russia Update

Q4 2021 Portfolio Commentary

Brentview adds Director of Business Development

Why rules-based portfolios limit investment choices

Q3 2021 Portfolio Commentary

Looking to yield some performance alpha? Look past dividend yield alone.

Brentview Dividend Growth Added to Envestnet | PMC Select List

Q2 2021 Portfolio Commentary

U.S. News Q&A: Investing in Funds That Demonstrate Diversity

The Ultimate Guide to Dividend Stocks

Q1 2021 Portfolio Commentary

2021 Dividend Increase Announcements

Q4 2020 Portfolio Commentary

Dividend Investing: Breaking Down the S&P 500

Pandemic Dividend Suspenders, Where are They Now?

Brentview CIO Jim Boothe Discusses Entertainment with Barron's

Brentview Research Director Hai Vu Discusses Factor ETFs with Bloomberg

Brentview's James Boothe Discusses AT&T in Barron's

Q3 2020 Portfolio Commentary

Brentview CIO Jim Boothe Discusses the Airline Industry with U.S. News

Brentview CIO Comments on Long-term Holding Apple

Brentview CIO Highlights "What to Watch" from Lowe's Earnings

Brentview's James Boothe Discusses AT&T in U.S. News

Brentview Makes Strategic Equity Investment In Charles Fish

Q2 2020 Portfolio Commentary

Peter McCarthy Joins the Brentview Team

Brentview Dividend Growth Added to Envestnet PMC Platform

Brentview Dividend Growth Strategy Receives Morningstar's Top Rating

Brentview Featured in U.S. News & World Report

Q1 2020 Portfolio Commentary

Q4 2019 Portfolio Commentary

Q3 2019 Portfolio Commentary

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