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Brentview's James Boothe Discusses AT&T in Barron's

“It’s pretty hard to poke a hole in this earnings report,” says Jim Boothe, CIO at Brentview Investment Management, a dividend-growth investor. “The weak area, [DirecTV,] even did better than expected. The wireless business was very strong, it had more than 1 million adds. If anything, this earnings report shows the sustainability of the dividend, which had a lot of investors concerned.”
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Brentview CIO Jim Boothe Discusses the Airline Industry with U.S. News

FLYING TODAY IS A different experience than it was just nine months ago. For one, you now have to stand 6 feet – or "one surfboard," if you're in San Diego – apart in the security line, and the only time you can take your mask off while in line is for the security agent to check whether your chin matches your ID.
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Brentview CIO Comments on Long-term Holding Apple

Jim Boothe, chief investment officer of Brentview Investment Management, has held Apple shares since 2012 and said the company’s recent results show it is less dependent on the iPhone for growth. “It has become more of an ecosystem,” he said. “Customers are willing to pay for their quality, premium products.”
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Brentview CIO Highlights "What to Watch" from Lowe's Earnings

Lowe’s Co Inc (LOW.N) is expected to edge past rival Home Depot (HD.N) with what could be its biggest growth in quarterly same-store sales in at least a decade, benefiting from its exposure to customers ready to splurge on do-it-yourself home renovations.
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