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Why rules-based portfolios limit investment choices

It is not uncommon to have guidelines within an investment portfolio. In fact, to generate repeatable results an investor should have some parameters in place to assure that an investment approach is reliable, repeatable, and consistent. However, sometimes screening methodologies are introduced to quickly eliminate companies from a broader list towards a shorter investable universe.
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2021 Dividend Increase Announcements

For the first two months of 2021, 28% of our portfolio holdings have announced dividend increases of 10% on average. For the same timeframe in 2020, 18% of our portfolio had announced dividend increases of 7.5% on average. Both the breadth and average increase have picked up in 2021 versus last year.
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Dividend Investing: Breaking Down the S&P 500

Many dividend investment strategies, both active and passive, often have minimum dividend yield requirements. This methodology eliminates a sizeable portion of their respective investible universes. For example, within the S&P 500 Index, stocks with a dividend yield1 less than 1.0%, represent 39% of the index constituents2.
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Pandemic Dividend Suspenders, Where are They Now?

Ever since March 2020 dividend investors have been seeking clarity from the companies that fall within the “dividend cutters and suspenders” categories. Historically, when a company falls onto the cutter list, they end up remaining in that category for a long time. As a result, dividend cutters are forced to revisit their business model and ideally correct course back towards dividend growth. More recently companies have been opting for a more temporary solution, suspending their dividend. The “suspender” category first occurred in the 2008 Financial Crisis and more recently during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Brentview CIO Jim Boothe Discusses Entertainment with Barron's

Few stocks have tracked the realities and sentiment surrounding Covid-19 as closely as the travel and entertainment sectors. They have gyrated in price in sync with daily headlines, and good news has been unable to get any traction—until lately. The promise of vaccine distribution within months is stunning good news for the timeline of economic recovery.
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Brentview Research Director Hai Vu Discusses Factor ETFs with Bloomberg

“Investor sentiment changes,” said Hai Vu, portfolio manager for Brentview Investment Management. “That’s the one factor you can’t always capture in all these quantitative measures.”
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Brentview Dividend Growth Added to Envestnet PMC Platform

Legacy dividend growth manager brings an experienced team and strategy from Santa Barbara Asset Management
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Brentview Dividend Growth Strategy Receives Morningstar's Top Rating

Brentview Investment Management, LLC announced that the Brentview Dividend Growth Strategy received a Morningstar Five-Star Overall Rating.
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Brentview Featured in U.S. News & World Report

Brentview's President was recently featured in U.S. News & World Report's: The Ultimate Guide to Dividend Stocks
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